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Hello friends. In today’s article, we will see What Is WH In Battery Capacity. As you must have heard that there is a battery of 100 AH, and there is a battery of 150 AH, So what would this AH mean in the battery. The full form of AH is ampere-hour.

Many people either know the answer wrongly or do not know it in a proper way. This question is also asked in an electrical interview, then friends read the article till the last for complete information, all your doubts will be cleared.

What Is WH In Battery Capacity

Friends, the AH which is written in the battery indicates how much the capacity is. Meaning how powerful is the battery and how much load can it take. Friends, I explain this thing to you through the example.

Suppose I have a 100 watts fridge, 80 watts 2 fan, and 1 40 watts bulb in my house, then all these loads are connected and it is on, so if I put a 100 AH battery, then it gives me two hours of backup.

The same if I put a 150 AH battery instead of 100 AH, then that battery gives me three hours of backup. This means that the higher the AH of the battery, the more powerful it will be and it will have its own capacity.

Friends, understand that there are two batteries. One is a 100 AH battery and one is a 150 AH battery, then which of the two will be more powerful. Obviously, with 150 AH, the battery which has more AH will be a more powerful battery.

What Is WH In Battery Capacity

So friends, what is AH written on the battery? (A) indicates Ampere and (H) indicate the hour, so a 100 AH battery is a 100-ampere hour. Friends, if there is a load that is taking 100-ampere current and I have connected 100 AH battery, then we can run that load for one hour.

On the same load, if I use a 200 AH battery for the same load, then we can run those loads for two hours, but by using that battery, everyone makes a mistake at this point. What is that mistake? I also explain to you through the example and explain it through a small calculation.

Fridge, Bulb and fan

So friends understand there are two fans installed in my house which are of 80 watts, what will be its load 160 watts and also I have 1 bulb of 40 watts and TV is of 100 watts, So friends, I came to know that there is a total load of 300 watts in my house. I also confirm that all the loads are on, then we will calculate the (current) that the load will consume.

For DC current

Now let’s see how to find current if we run this load on DC-like batteries. Most batteries are 12 volts.

DC Volt power formula

In DC there is no power factor.

Power =DC Volt* I(current)

300 = 12 * I

I = 300/12

I(current) = 25 amperes

AC power formula

Power = ACvolt * current(I) * power factor (cosec theta)

We got power 300 watts and AC volt 220 and power factor is 0.8, now let’s find current (I).

Multiply volts to PF and divide power you will get the value of current for AC current.

220*0.8 = 176

300/176 =1.70 ampere.

Friends, where do normal people make mistakes? They think that a 100 AH battery can run our AC load of 100 amperes for one hour, But friends it is not so. There are two types of current. There is an AC current and DC current.

AC current that our government electrical supplier provides. we get the DC current either from the battery or from the solar panel. The load in our house runs on the AC supplier. As we have calculated that 300 watts load is in our house.

To run that load, we have a requirement of 1.7 amperes current which is AC current, and this current comes from our electrical supplier. But giving the same 300 loads on the battery. we will require 25 amperes.

As I had done 12-volt consideration in the calculation of DC, then if we connect two batteries in series, then that will be 24 volts, and we get less current if there is a load of 300 watts.

we will need a 25-ampere current, which will be DC, so if we use a 25 AH battery for a load of 300 volts, then it will give a backup of up to one hour. For the same load, if we use a 100 AH battery, we will get a backup of up to four hours.

I hope you got some idea about what is the meaning of AH, A stands for ampere, and H stands for an hour. The ampere-hour indicates how powerful the battery is and how long it can last. If there is a 100 AH battery then it can give a 100-ampere current for one hour but the point to be noted it is 100 ampere it will be of DC.

What is mah and ah in a power bank battery?

Mah full form is milliampere-hour and ah is hour ampere. mah and ah are used to measure battery capacity units. Mah is a small unit of ampere and used in small devices like smartphones and small power banks.

For example

If I am having 6000 mah phone and I am using 250 mah per hour, then I can use my phone for 24 hours and after 24 hours my phone battery goes empty.


1-liter water bottle contains 1000 ml of water, 1 liter is the capacity of the bottle and a milliliter is a unit to measure the capacity of water.

1 ah = 1000 mah, the meaning of 1000 mah battery can supply 1000 mah current in 1 hour.

what is (wh) in battery?

Wh long-form is watt-hour. Watt-hour is a unit that displays the battery power. Point to note mah defines battery capacity and Wh(watt-hour) defines battery power. ah is used in big batteries for inverters and 100 ah baterry.

How to find (watt-hour) from any battery. There are many batteries displayed wh on the body but there are power banks and other products which come with seal packs which are difficult and are not safe to open.

How to find the volt on the battery?

search box

You can find battery volt on the product box or simply type and search for your product battery volt in the image section on google.

Below is a formula to find wh (watt-hour).


Example for Mi i3 20000 mah power bank

Mi power bank user manual

20000*3.7/1000 = 74 wh

How to find battery backup time?

How much your battery last is depend on what load you are using on your device. The more load you are giving to your device the less time your device will last.

For example smartphones

Some use smartphones for only incoming calls and outgoing calls. Some use their phones to listen to songs, some people use them to play games and some people use their smartphones to watch videos. Even if you are using the same capacity phone you will get different backup times.   

For example in a power bank

Large power banks typically have a capacity of 10,000mAh or more and can charge multiple devices at once. They are perfect for people who travel frequently or use multiple devices at once. Small power banks, on the other hand, have a capacity of 3,000mAh or less and only charge one device at a time.

To find battery backup time you need any one of the two following.

  1. What is the load or watt of the device?
  2. What is the flow of current in the device?
Bulb and battery

If Your battery wh is 96 and we are using 24 volts led bulb. To find back time below is the formula.

Backup time = wh/volts

 Backup time = 96/24

Backup time = 4 hours

To find the current flow of your phone to find backup time, simply go to the google play store and download a good rating app(tools) and you will get the current flow.

Suppose your phone’s current flow is 400 and your phone battery is 1200 mah.

Backup Time = 1200/400

Backup Time = 3 hours

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