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Technology is evolving continuously and contributes a lot to the comforts and convenience of humans. Smartphones will allow people to link with the infinite world of the internet and other users across the world through social media and the internet. Also, many people used to earn money only using their smartphones sitting at home. The income is a lot more than that of offline work. 

But all of these things will stop working if your mobile phone is out of battery. The sudden power cut will make you helpless and you can face loss in your online work and many more things. Regarding these situations, there is a need for any power bank that will provide relevant charging to your smartphones even if the electricity has gone for the next few days.

It contains lithium polymer batteries that make a temporary backup of power in them. You just need to connect the USB cable and charge your smartphones and other mobile devices. So, which power bank to choose from? Which means is best?

Well! Two major brands manufacture considerable power banks i.e. Philips and MI. If you are confused about them then here is the comparison: 

Philips Power Banks

The Koninklijke Philips is abbreviated as Philips in a common language. This was a Dutch company established in 1891 and the headquarters of Philips is situated in Amsterdam. Since the last century, Philips is known for manufacturing promising electronic products as accessories including Air conditioners, Hair dryers, LEDs, Smart Displays, Music Systems, smaller electronic accessories, and many more appliances. Power banks are among them.

Phillips has introduced their 10000 mAh and 20000 mAh power banks in India recently, at a reasonable price. They offer a robust quality and the best performance in such a price range. Philips power bank comes with lithium polymer batteries with USB and C-type cable ports. That makes them highly reliable for all kinds of mobile devices. 

MI Power Banks

MI is the abbreviation of Xiaomi, a leading electronic manufacturing brand known for its affordable price and best available. This is an Asian-based electronic manufacturing brand originating from China. It usually manufactures electronics, home appliances, software, and household items.

One of the biggest advantages of Xiaomi items is that they are cheaper than any other brand. It offers reliable power banks with 10000 mAh, 20000 mAh, and more capacity power banks.

These power banks are less with lithium-ion batteries which makes them slim and faster. You can easily keep these power banks in your pocket and car anywhere. The design looks premium and is super-fast. You can easily power all your mobile devices including smartphones, laptops, iPad, smartwatches, and many other gadgets. 

Philips vs MI Power Banks

Both of these brands are imported and have a massive market in the world. They both have special features and specifications that make them difficult for anyone to choose from. But after a well-research, we have shortlisted some major comparisons between their power banks based on design, price, charging time, charging ports, size, and many other aspects. Here are them:


When it comes to the design the Philips power bank is better than the MI power bank. It comes with a mat finish and LED indicators that will glow and look impressive. The design is premium and makes you feel good while keeping it in your hands or pocket. Also, you will get more color options with Philips.

Whereas the MI is having limited color options and low-quality plastic is used in manufacturing. If you want a premium-looking power bank then Philips is perfect for you to choose.


No other brands can beat the MI products and appliances when it comes to the price. MI offers unbeatable price options for its products and takes influence over the market. Whereas the Philips power bank is a little high in the piece.

If you want something at an affordable price then the MI power bank is perfect for you. You can select the capacity based on your need. You will get the LED display with both of the brands. Go with any of them. 

Charging ports

There is a tie between both of them in the comparison of charging ports. Both of these power bank brands have two USB ports, a C-type USB port, and an ordinary port. The power configuration is about 5.1V/2.4V(12.24W), 9V/2V(18W), or 12V/1.5V(18W) which will easily take your devices to charge with the speed of 18 W. It is quite similar to the wall adapters. You can go for any of them when it comes to the ports and compatibility with devices. 


MI power banks are quite bulky and have a box-like appearance whereas the Philips power banks have a compact and portable size. The edges are curved, making it easier for you to keep them in your hands and pocket.

The size is similar to a moderate-speed smartphone. Whereas the MI power bank needs to be kept in the bag or satchel to carry with you. Also, it looks bulky and big to be kept in hands. 

Charging time

This is the biggest aspect that everyone is looking for while buying a power bank. Most people like to go with something that will charge from 0-100% within a few hours. It felt annoying to keep a power bank on charging overnight and still the battery is not fully charged.

The Philips power bank offers a faster-charging speed than the MI power bank. It also depends upon the adapter you are using. The more powerful adapter leads to faster charging. 


Hence these points have made clear-cut ideas about the power banks of both brands. Now, see your needs, budget, and requirements and choose accordingly. The Philips power banks are pocket friendly and easily portable whereas the MI power banks are cheap and come with an LED display for the percentage of battery. Keep in mind all these factors and choose any of them.