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One plus power bank vs mi power bank

In this article, we are going to discuss One Plus power bank VS Mi power bank. There are many models of mi and one plus power bank in the market, which comes with different powers and watts.

We will discuss the difference between one plus 18 watts 10000 mah model P102A power bank and Mi 3i 18 watts 10000 mah model PLM13ZM power bank especially.

Oneplus power bank 10000mah

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One plus power bank

One plus power bank


One plus power bank comes in two colors black and green.


One plus power bank body style is carbon finishing. The size and design give the feel of a smartphone with premium and classic look.


The button Is placed on the side of the body, Pressing once shows the light indicators how much power is left in the battery. Pressing twice turns into safe mode to charge low power other devices.


According to the company, this power bank supports 18W Fast Charging. After I tested I found it is not fast charging. If you charge 2 phones you get 15 watts and for 1 phone you get 18 watts of power.

Battery and capacity

The power bank battery capacity is 10,000 mah in one plus. This power bank comes with a lithium-polymer battery. Battery Cell Composition ‎is Lithium-Ion. You will get a total of 8500 mah power for your phone and not 10,000 mah.


one plus power bank ports

There are a total of three ports in One plus and comes with 2 USB TYPE A ports and 1 USB TYPE C. you can charge 2 phones with the help of 2 USB output ports.


One plus power bank comes with additional safety features such as 12 levels of circuit protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection, and a special Low Current mode, among other things.

While charging and discharging period when the temperature rises due to (Negative Temperature Coefficient) sensor Charging is stoped automatically.

Charging time

You can charge your mobile and phone at the same time. With one plus 20 watts charging adaptor power bank get fully charged in 4.30 hours. it takes 45 wh energy to charge the full power bank and has 70 % of efficiency.

When you charge 3700 mah battery one plus 60 phone with one plus power bank it takes 2.20 hours to fully charge. you can charge your phone 2.5 times with this power bank.


  • premium and classic look


  • Made in China.
  • No fast charging.
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Mi 3i power bank 10000mah

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Mi 10000 mAh 3i Power Bank

Mi 3i Power Bank

The manufacturer of mi 3i is ‎Xiaomi, Navitasys India Private Limited. Mi 3i power bank also comes in two colors black and blue.


Mi 3i power bank body is made of aluminum alloy with a smooth texture and matt finishing.

Battery capacity

The power bank battery capacity is 10,000 mah. The lithium-polymer battery is placed in the mi 3i power bank. It gives only 8000 mah power and not 10,000 mah. (tested)


What is watt in power bank?

According to Wikipedia to measure the amount of energy emitted by a source, we use the watt. A derived unit of SI base units 1 kg/m2/s3 or, equivalently, 1 joule per second is specified in the International System of Units.

Energy transfer can be quantified using this method. The 18th-century Scottish inventor James Watt (1736–1819) is credited with creating the term “watt.”

A watt is a unit of power that is used to measure the rate of energy conversion or transfer. This term is most commonly used when discussing electrical devices and appliances.

The wattage rating of a power bank is an important specification to consider when purchasing one, as it indicates the amount of power that the bank can deliver.

Mi power bank supports 18W Fast Charging. One plus power bank supports 18W Fast Charging. Using the power bank’s two-way fast charging, you can charge both your gadgets and the power bank in a matter of minutes.


Mi 3i power bank ports

There are a total of 4 ports in Mi 3i and comes with 2 USB TYPE A ports, 1 USB TYPE C, and 1 Micro USB port. micro USB and USB type c are input ports to charge your mobile.

2 USB type A are output ports to charge your phones. You can charge 2 phones at a time with USB type A.

Charging time

With redmi 18 w fast charging adaptor using a micro USB cable, you can charge your power bank in 4 hours, and with a c type USB cable with the same adaptor, you can charge the power bank in 5 hours.

Charing one plus 6 model phone 3300 mah with C-type cable can be charged with mi 3i 10000 mah power bank for 3 times. It takes 2 hours time for one charge. If your phone battery is 4000 mah then mi 3i power bank will charge 2 times (tested).

Heating issue

After fully charging the phone with Mi 3i 10000 mah power bank the temperature goes from 31 degrees celsius to 32 which is normal.

Button function

When you double-press the power button, you’ll be able to safely charge low-power devices like the Mi Band 4, Mi True Wireless Earphones 2, etc. Click once again to change in normal mode or it will automatically come in normal mode after 2 hours.


The strong 12-layer sophisticated protection design effectively protects your mobile devices from overheating, over current, and short circuits.


  • No heating issue.


  • Less than 10000 mah power.


These are the One Plus Power Bank VS Mi Power Bank articles. I recommend you to go for Mi 3i power bank which is better than one plus.

Faq Sections

How long does it take to charge mi 3i power bank 10000mAh?

You can charge your power bank in 4 hours with a micro USB cable and 5 hours with the same adaptor and the redmi 18-watt rapid charging cable.

Is MI 3i power bank Good?

Mi Power Bank 3i 10,000mAh is an excellent power bank. Using this charger, you may charge two gadgets at once up to twice their original capacity. The Mi Power Bank 3i comes with a USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable in the box.

How many full charge is a 10000mAh power bank?

Using a mi 3i 10000 mah power bank, a Oneplus 6 model phone with a 3300 mah battery may be charged three times using a C-type connector. One charge takes about two hours. Mi 3i power bank can recharge your phone two times if its battery capacity is 4000 mah.

What is the weight of the Mi power bank 10000mAh?

The weight of the Mi 3i power bank 10000mAh is 255 grams. The more mah the weight increses.