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In this article, we will discuss how to identify fake power banks and which power banks should buy.

There are many peoples selling fake and duplicate power banks in the name of brand companies at cheap prices in railway stations and bus stands and where there are public crowds.

First of all, don’t buy these power banks from sellers on the road. They are made for temporary use with low-quality batteries and circuits.

How To Identify Fake Power Banks

Vivo power bank

fake power bank

I too bought a Vivo power bank to check what is inside the power bank. The power bank price was 500 rupees and at last after bargaining, he gave me 120 rupees.

The Vivo power bank power was 35000 mah, 3 USB ports, and a digital display. After charging 50 percent power bank stopped working. The weight of the power bank was 260 grams.

I decided to open a power bank and I saw there was 1 lion polymer battery, 1 circuit board, and 3 dummy batteries to fill the weight.  

Inside fake power bank
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Difference between a branded power bank and a fake power bank.

Branded power banks

  • Power banks were tested several times before launching in the market.
  • 6 months to 1-year warranty is provided.
  • Best quality batteries are used in the power banks.
  • Best quality body and nice look.
  • Electronic components are of the best quality in branded.
  • Branded power banks give protection against overcharging, short-circuiting, and discharging.
  • Low charging options are available in branded power banks.

Fake power banks

  • Used batteries are used in power banks.
  • Low-quality PCB is used in fake power banks.
  • No warranty for fake power banks.
  • Battery capacity is very low.
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Steps to find Fake vs Real Xiaomi Power Bank

Step 1

Mi power bank color

The original mi power banks come in 3 colors classic black, white and red. 10,000 mah power bank comes in black and red color and 20,000 mah comes in white color.

 Step 2

security code

Scratch for the security code and enter the code on, if you get a negative response then your power bank is fake.

Step 3

Logo on power banks

A brand logo is embossed on the original Mi power bank shown in the image above or below. The fake power bank logo can be removed by scratching.

Step 4

Printed on power bank

Content written on the power bank is printed and you can feel it with your fingers. Some fake power banks are printed and some are not. You don’t feel any sense to your finger when you touch the printed surface on the fake power bank.

Step 5

Batteries in power bank

Mi power comes with the safest lithium polymer batteries and is placed perfectly. Fake power bank batteries are placed loosely which can issues with short circuits.   

Step 6

The original power bank comes with high-quality material micro USB cables.

Step 7

Logo inside Type A port

You can find a tiny mi logo in the standard USB port which is attached to the power bank body.

Step 8

Fake and real light indicator

Original Mi power banks light indicators bulbs are small and the light display is simple. Fake power banks’ light bulbs are a little big and the lights are dull.

Step 9

pass-through charging is available in Mi’s original power bank while in the fake power bank this option is not available.

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Mi Fake Powerbank Vs Real 20000mAh

Fake power banks and cable

I purchased another 10,000 mah Mi power bank at 200 rupees near the Latur bus stand. The batteries used in fake power banks are collected from garbage or old market. This power bank battery power is only 1000 to 1500 mah that can charge only 25 percent of your phone.

Inside both power banks

Mi original battery can charge 4 times (400 percent ) of your phone. A fake power bank gives sometimes less or more volt and amp output which is bad for your mobiles. Original power bank outputs are accurate.

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Apple MagSafe

Inside fake apple power bank

I found 1 fake apple MagSafe battery power with 5000 mah and the real power bank is 1460 mah power on the body. when opened fake MagSafe power bank battery showed 12.77-watt-hours with 3.7 volt

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Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400Mah

Real Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400Mah comes sticker with the coding on the box and fake don’t. Xiaomi dot com website is mentioned on the fake power bank box. The description is written in English on a real power bank in a box.

back and front

The description is written in china on a fake Xiaomi Mi Power Bank. Description in English and barcode are printed on real power bank box. No documentation is given with fake power. bank.

Logo and print

The fake power bank micro USB port and led light are bigger than the real power bank. Fake power bank led light quality is bad and dull shown in the image. Fake power bank USB cables are printed with brand names.

Led and print on power bank
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Romoos power bank

Romoss company has been around since 2006, and they are still going strong today. They have a wide range of products, from simple and affordable battery packs to more advanced models that offer features such as fast charging and protection from over-charging.

Fake power banks are on sale online and many people are buying them not just because of the name but because of their low price. Many people don’t realize that these power banks often don’t work and are only meant to look like a genuine charger.

Physically, how do you know if a power bank is a fake?

A genuine power bank is significantly heavier than a counterfeit power bank. You can tell it’s a knockoff Romoss power bank because it’s so light and feels so cheap.

The light from the original Romoss power bank is usually not so bright that it interferes with each other. Depending on the capacity of the battery bank, charging should be neither too fast nor too slow.

Any power bank with blurred or badly printed text or icons is most likely a fake. You can check this by looking at the power bank itself. The fact that a fake Romoss power bank drains quickly and can’t even charge a single phone is one of the most evident signs of a rip-off.

How do I know if my romoss power bank is real?

Romoss qr code

You will find the image with a QR code on the romoss power bank box of the product and you will see some figures (7000 mall)behind Romoss word.  when you rub with a wet cloth on romoss word the figure behind the romoss word will disappear. If it is original It will disappear and appears again when it dries.

There are a few things you can do to ensure that the ROMOSS power bank is legit. The first is to make sure it has a manufacturer’s logo and model number. The second is to look for customer reviews and compare them with the ratings provided by online shops.

If there are no negative reviews, then the power bank may be considered safe. Finally, if you’re purchasing the power bank online, make sure to check the seller’s return policy in case something goes wrong with your purchase.

30000 mah fake romoos power bank

Fake romoss power bank

I found another 30,000 mah fake romoss power bank that looks genuine. This power bank is filled with metal plates to make the power bank heavy. You get only 2000 mah power from the battery.


How do I know if ROMOSS is legit?

The first thing you can do is look at the company’s website and see if they have an SSL certificate. If they do, then you can be sure that the site is legitimate and that the products they are selling are safe.