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A car jump starter power bank is a great emergency item that can be kept in case the car is stalled or stuck somewhere. This power bank has a large capacity and can be used to start your car. It is also a great option for travel

A car jump starter power bank is a convenient way to keep your vehicle running if you’re stranded without electricity.

What is a car jump starter power bank?

A car jump starter power bank is a device that can be used to start a car if you don’t have any jumper cables, a car jump starter power bank can come to the rescue in an emergency. It usually has a large battery from 20,000 mah to 90,000 mah that can provide enough power to start the car.

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List of jump starters for bike and car power banks in India

70mai Car Jump Starter 600A 11100mAH power bank

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How to jump start
How to jump start 2

This power bank flashlight is also bright enough to see in the nighttime. It comes with three modes: Normal Mode, Flashing Mode, and SOS Mode. In Normal Mode, the LED light flashes slowly; in Flashing Mode, it flashes quickly; and in SOS Mode, the LED light blinks rapidly.

The Lithium Polymer power bank has a capacity of 11100mAh and is a 5V 2.4A TYPE-C output power bank that enables you to charge devices such as smartphones and tablets.

This power bank comes with reverse charging protection, temperature monitoring, over current, and over-voltage protection. It also has short circuit protection so you can be sure your devices are safe.

The 70mai Jump Starter power bank is a high-capacity power bank that can provide up to 600A of peak current and comes with LED lights. This power bank is for petrol engines that have a 4.0L or higher capacity and diesel engines that have a 2.0L or higher capacity.

This power bank also has a 11100mAH battery, so you can be sure that it will have enough power to start your engine in a pinch. Do you have a car that won’t start in cold weather? Do you need to jump-start your car in a hurry?

If so, the 70mai Jump Starter is the perfect accessory for you! This small but powerful device can jump-start a vehicle up to 35 times on a single charge, making it the perfect tool for those times when you need it most.

Whether your car just won’t turn over or you’re stuck in an unexpected situation, this handy little device can come in handy. Not only does it come with a Reverse Connect Protection, Over Charge, Discharge protection system, and a Pure Copper Clip, but it’s a sleek design.

More information

Package Dimensions‎19.6 x 12.8 x 8.3 cm; 900 Grams
Batteries‎1 Lithium Polymer battery.
Amperage‎600 Amps
Voltage‎5 Volts, 12 Volts
Country of Origin‎India
Imported By‎NEX DIGITRONIX LLP, Hinjawadi, Pune, Maharashtra
Item Weight‎900 g

Steps to use

  • Connect the portable jump starter to the jumper cord that has been provided.
  • Make sure that the cables are correctly connected to the terminals on the automobile battery. Connect the red cable to the red battery terminal, and connect the black cable to the black battery terminal.
  • Start your vehicle.
  • Turn Off the Jump Starter.
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Priknik Power Bank Charger 50800mah

Priknik Power Bank Charger 50800mah is compatible with most devices and can provide enough power to recharge your phone, tablet, and laptop. The priknik Power Bank is a high-power, fast-charging battery that supports vehicles with a 12V voltage and is compatible with Hyundai Santa Fe Type 1 or more.

It features low self-discharge and up to 2000 charging cycles. Some reviewers say that the priknik power bank doesn’t work well with diesel vehicles, so be sure to test it before you buy it.

The priknik power bank has two main features: over-current protection and a no-load condition. The over-current protection means that the priknik power bank will automatically shut down if it detects an overload.

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PRIKNIK 16800mah Car Jump Starter Power Bank

PRIKNIK 16800mah Car Jump Starter

A PRIKNIK battery with a high capacity of 16,800 mah and high power polymer is used so that it can be charged quickly. It is able to support an emergency jump start and can completely replace the battery that is supplied for use in starting an automobile. Additionally, it is compatible with standard cellular phones and laptops.

containing a genuine strong flashlight, a three-function switch-over, emergency rescue, signaling, lighting, deterrence, and defensive capabilities, as well as other powerful characteristics. It is the most sensible option for people who work night shifts, overtime, and a wide variety of other shifts.

There are five levels of power display that indicate the status of the battery, as well as real-time recharging reminders and automated shutdown when there is no load. Over-current protection prevents the equipment from overloading, which makes it more practical, safer, and efficient with its use of energy.

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SYPOM Jump Starter kit 21000 mAh power bank

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SYPOM Jump Starter

The SYPOM Jump Starter is a car starter that can start motor cycle and even Gass and diesel engine Vehicles 30 times with 3000-amp. This battery booster pack also has a 12-volt lithium-ion battery that can be used to power electronics or as a power bank charger with a quick charge.

This jump starter is compact and easy to use, making it the perfect accessory for anyone who needs an emergency backup battery. It also has a 21000 mAh battery booster pack that can recharge your cell phone, iPod, or other portable electronics.

The SYPOM Jump Starter can quickly charge USB devices, including smartphones, Bluetooth headphones, tablets, cameras, GPS units, and laptops. The dual USB outputs provide a speedy charging experience for multiple devices. They are designed with Dual USB Outputs 5 V-2.1 A.

The SYPOM Smart Jumper is a device designed to protect electronic equipment from over-voltage, over-current, over-load, short-circuit, wide temperature, and over-discharge. With eight different protection levels, the SYPOM Smart Jumper can be used to safeguard devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets from potential damage.

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Gooloo 10000mAh power bank

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The GOOLOO GP80 is a 790 grams and compact lithium car jump starter and is useful when you need to jump-start a dead battery in a car. This jumper can easily and quickly turn your car on without any help from other people, making it the perfect tool for emergencies.

Gooloo GP80 10000mAh power bank is the device to keep your car battery charged and ready for when you need it. This power bank has a 12V auto battery booster charger with a quick charge in and out port, a built-in LED flashlight.

GOOLOO GP80 battery jump starter power bank also protects your devices from short circuits, overload, over-charge,over-voltage, and overcurrent. It comes with 2 USB outputs with 9 volt – 2 amp and 5 volt 2.4 amp.

More Details

Model‎Car Jump Starter power bank
Product Dimensions‎15.8 x 8.69 x 2.59 cm
Batteries‎1 Lithium Polymer battery included
Bulb Type‎LED(Stable/Strobe/SOS)
Special Features‎Safe and easy-to-use design.
Dual USB Ports.
LED work light.
Safety Rating‎UL2743 / CE / FCC / RoHS
Amperage‎800 Amps
Voltage‎12 Volts
Item Weight‎789 g
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Infinity Light 12000 mAh power bank jump starter for car

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Car starter power bank for mobile

Looking for a portable jump starter that also has a power bank? Then here is the Infinity Light 12V Portable Jump Starter Lithium-Ion Battery Charger Box for you!

This 12V Portable Jump Starter Lithium-Ion Battery Charger Box is for vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, boats, and RVs.

It also has a compact emergency USB power bank that can be used to power up your phone, portable electronics, and other portable devices.

The flashlight is capable of producing 400A of electricity!

The INFINITY LIGHT POLYMER POWER SET is a powerful 12000mAh capacity battery set that can produce up to 21 jumps on a single charge.

This battery set has three lithium battery cells and a 400A peak current, making it perfect for powering devices that require high levels of power. The set is made from durable polymer materials and comes with a carrying case for easy transportation.

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Infinity Ligh jump starter for car features

Where to use jump starter

Infinity Light jump starter uses