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To keep laptops powered and mobile, power banks offer a convenient alternative to carrying your laptop’s power cord or plugging it in at a store. This article reviews the best power banks for laptops, as well as how to choose the right one.

The best way to stay mobile and laptop powered is to carry a power bank.

Best power bank for laptop in India

Coolnut 25000mAh Power Bank

Coolnut 25000mAh Power Bank

Coolnut 25000mAh power bank

The Coolnut 25000mAh power bank is the ultimate tool for any person on the go. This rechargeable battery pack charges devices or laptops with its powerful 12V/2A input, and it even provides an AC outlet with two USB ports to charge up tablets, phones, and other devices.

With a solar panel included in the design, this device has an even greater range of features.

The solar panel collects energy from natural light and stores it in the power bank for later use.

Modern-day life often requires the use of electronics, which often means that many people are always on the move.

The problem is that most electronics require an outlet to be used which can sometimes be hard to find. People who need power for their laptops, tablets, cell phones, and other devices will find they can’t charge them in most places they go.

Think of Coolnut as a portable power station for your cell phone, tablet, laptop, and any other electronic you might want to charge.

With a 25000mAh capacity and a 75-watt solar panel, this device has enough juice to recharge a laptop up to 3 times on a single charge.

It also includes two USB ports so you can charge two devices at once, plus it has an inverter so you can plug in your favourite electronics.

In regards to this particular item


Everything from laptops to tablets to smartphones can now be charged while on the go thanks to this incredibly versatile gadget.

Suitable for Outdoor and Travel Use. Additionally, it is portable and may be used for a variety of outdoor activities, such as camping, picnics, and shooting ranges.

Use of

Portable Oxygen Concentrator & Other Small Medical Devices Like Nebulizers etc. Other electrical devices, such as a small refrigerator or an inflator can also be plugged into this outlet.


150W AC output, three USB ports. Capacity: 25000mAh. It charges quickly.


Coolnut 25000mAh External Battery Pack + Charging Power Adapter + AC Inverter + User Manual + Worry-Free 36-Months Warranty Card + Friendly & Outstanding Customer Service – All in One!


Black-Grey with Solar



25000 Milliamp Hours

‎9.5 Kilograms

Power bank pro and cons


  • Quick Charge
  • A good solution for Laptop.
  • Best performance.
  • Great for 2 Routers.
  • Robust construction


  • Someone complained Lenovo Thinkpad laptops are not compatible!
  • colossal in scale.
  • The laptop charges only 2 times and the mobile 5 times.
  • Reduced pricing is necessary.
  • Not allowable in flight.
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Volta best power bank for laptop in India

Volta Multipurpose Power Bank

Volta Multipurpose Power Bank

The Volta Multipurpose Power Bank is a solution to any power shortage.

With its high capacity of 21000mAh, the Volta battery will provide enough juice for WiFi routers, DTH devices, OTT Box and more 12V-24V devices.

The Volta Multipurpose Power Bank is a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to keep their laptops running strong.

No matter what laptop you have, the Volta Multipurpose Power Bank will be able to power it.

Not only does this device charge your laptop, but it can also recharge other devices, such as WiFi routers and DTH devices. Additionally, it has 4 USB ports so you can charge multiple devices at once.

In regards to this particular item

For LENOVO Thinkpad (Barel), Thinkpad (Square), Ideapad, and Yoga – Compatible Pin – Square, USB – Volta Multipurpose Power Bank is compatible.

Provides power to 106 other electronic devices, such as WiFi routers, gaming routers, DTH boxes, tablets, POS machines, security cameras, drones, LED TVs, VR goggles, smart speakers, thermal scanners, and many more.

NOTE: Does not work with the Microsoft Surface, but an add-on pin is available for Macbooks (Magsafe/C Type) and all laptops with C-type charging pins and also supporting Quick Charge 2.0 at 65 watts.

The Source of power charges three devices at once.

Included Volta Multipurpose Power Bank + User Manual + Caution Manual + Outstanding 1-Year On-Site Warranty with pleasant and customer-first customer service.


24 Volts



21000 mAH

‎400 g

‎17 x 7.5 x 1.5 cm; 400 Grams


  • Good for travelling.
  • Quick Charge


  • No cons till now.
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Dell 18000 mAh Power bank

Dell 18000 mAh Power bank

Dell PW7015L 18000 mAh Power Companion

The Dell Power Companion is a rechargeable power pack that offers 18,000 mAh of power, more than enough to charge an average laptop up to 2 times.

It features a 60W USB-C AC adapter, which can be used with the included USB-C cable to charge your laptop.

The Dell Power Companion is a perfect gift for anyone who needs long-lasting power. It features a small and compact design that can easily fit into your backpack or laptop case, and it also has an impressive 18000mAh capacity.

The slim power adapter even features USB-C input and output, in addition to the AC adapter input and output.

Battery life on the go for Dell Ultrabooks, Notebooks, and tablet computers.

With the Dell Power Companion, you can take your computing power with you everywhere you go.

As well as being able to charge two cellphones, tablets or other USB-enabled gadgets, this device powers Dell Notebooks and Ultrabooks.

Because it’s small and light, the Dell Power Companion lets you charge your laptop while you’re on the road.

*Only certain Dell machines are compatible with the Dell Power Companion (with the installation of the latest BIOS update). Find out more about compatibility in the compatibility section.

Created with the purpose of recharging electronic gadgets while they are being stored

This portable power source is designed to fit inside your laptop case or bag, making it ideal for those on the go.

Your gadgets will always be charged when you need them with the Dell Power Companion’s built-in in-bag charging capabilities.

Moreover, it’s made to fit perfectly in the Dell Premier Backpack and Dell Premier Briefcase.

Extra devices can be powered via the USB port of the Dell Power Companion PW7015L (18000mAh).

Powering more gadgets via USB charging

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, as well as laptops and other portable computing devices, can be kept charged and ready to go with the Dell Power Companion. Using two USB ports, you can simultaneously charge two mobile devices and your Dell notebook.

The 18,000 mAh battery is a reliable and robust backup source of energy.

An 18,000 mAh six-cell battery provides reliable power when you’re on the road, and it can be recharged using your Dell power adapter**, making it a convenient companion for your laptop. It is easy to see how much power is left with a five-segment LED.

Dell’s Power Companion requires a Dell power adapter to charge (not included in the box).

What’s in the Box?

Companion for Dell PowerEdge (18,000 mAh)

Charging Cables for Dell Notebooks.

Dell PW7015L PW7015L Power Companion (18000 mAh)


Our adapters have been completely reworked to provide you with a more consistent and pleasant user experience throughout all of your activities.

In order to reduce the weight of your bag, cords and cables are neatly wrapped around the adaptor.

LED indication.

More compact than prior models by up to three times, and 30 percent less bulky than the majority of the competition (including cables). From the flexible, bendable cables to the smooth, rounded corners, nothing has been overlooked.

An entirely new line of Dell Slim Power Adapter devices. developed with you in mind. Intuitive: Dell Power Companion (18000mAh) PW7015L. Put your feet up and relax as you work.

Accommodate small areas. Comfortable working conditions. It’s easy to use this wall adapter with your power adaptor, so you may plug it into congested outlets and power strips without any problems.

Lithium Ion


18000 mAh

417 Grams

7.8 x 16.2 x 2.1 Centimeters


  • 8 hours backup
  • Quick charge


  • Power bank works with only dell laptops.
  • Not compatible with XPS 15
  • Expensive


These three are the best power bank for laptop in India.If you are new to power banks and want to learn what is a power bank.

Can I power my laptop with a power bank?

Laptops are designed to be plugged into an outlet in order to charge their battery, but they also have a low voltage port that enables them to operate while charging from a power bank. The main issue with powering a laptop is determining the type of power bank and how much it can charge the laptop.

Can a 20000mAH power bank charge a laptop?

You cant charge a laptop with a 20000 mah power bank, you need more than a 30000mah power bank.

Can I power my laptop with a power bank?

Laptops and smartphones and other devices rely on rechargeable batteries to power them. What if your battery dies while you’re out and about? A power bank, a portable charger, is the perfect solution for this predicament.