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In this article, we are going to compare powerLit pro Ambrane VS Mi power bank 10000mAh pro. Both power banks are lightweight and compact. Both power banks are 10,000 mah and come with 22.5 watts of fast charging support.

We will see how many times these power banks can charge smartphones, what speed we get from these power banks and what is the actual capacity of these two power banks.

We also discuss how much time the power bank takes to get fully charged.

Ambrane power bank 10000mah

The 10000 mAh Ambrane PowerLit Pro power bank is made of lithium polymer. It has a quick charging output of 22.5W. It’s a great way to keep your cell phones and other electronic devices powered up in the event of a power outage.

To enhance its visual appeal, it has an extended shape. This power bank has a metal casing with a matte finish that guarantees long-lasting sturdiness, making it a fantastic travel companion and daily backup device for your gadgets.

Mi pocket power bank

The Mi 10000 mAh Pocket Power Bank Pro can keep your mobile devices, tablets, smart accessories, and other gadgets charged even whether you’re on the road or just commuting to work.

This power bank has three output ports, so it can charge up to three devices at once. Additionally, its 12-layer circuit-protection design protects your gadgets from short circuits, overheating, and over-current scenarios.

Ambrane vs mi power bank 10000mah

Mi pocket

More information

ModelPocket Pro
Output Ports3
Charging CableYes
Quick ChargeYes
Other Features22.5W Ultra Fast Charging, Light Weight, Compact, Triple Output Port, Dual Input Port (Type-C and Micro-USB), Power Delivery 3.0, Advanced 12 Layers of Circuit Chip Protection, Smart Power Management, Two-way Fast Charging, Anti-Skid Finish
Width63.9 mm
Height90 mm
Depth24.4 mm
Weight200 g

In addition to the 12 layers of superior chip protection, the Mi Pocket Power bank Pro provides protection against overheating, short-circuiting, and overcurrent of your gadgets.

You get 1 user manual and the best quality 1 type c cable with the new Mi pocket power bank. Mi power bank body is made of PC + ABS material. However, some pocket power banks weigh more than others.

The Mi Pocket Power bank weighs 200 grams, which is lighter than many other pocket power banks on the market.

1 Power button, 2 standard USB ports, 1 micro USB port, 1 c type port, and 4 charging light indicators are given on the top of the body. Mi power bank is a little thicker than ambrane power bank.

Low charging mode is available in the Mi power bank to charge small USB devices by pressing the power button 2 times.


power bank ports

Micro USB port

With the help of a Micro USB port, you can charge your power bank.

Type C port

You can charge your power bank as well as your smartphone.


More information

Model NamePowerLit Pro
Suitable DeviceMobile
Output Ports2
Charging CableYes
Power1 Type C (5V3A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A)
Output Power1 USB (5V4.5A, 4.5V5A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A) & 1 Type C (5V3A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A)
FeaturesInput –18W, Output –22.5W, Capacity – 10000 mAh, Input Port – C-Type x 1, Output Ports – Type A x 1 & Type C x1,

You get 1 pouch and good quality 1 type c cable to charge your power bank with the new ambrane power bank. Both power banks’ build quality and design are great, its 9-layer circuit-protection design protects your gadgets from short circuits

Ambrane power bank’s body is made of metal and weigh 180 gram. Ambrane power bank is lightweight and slim than the mi power bank. Ambrane power comes with 1 USB type-A port, power indicator, power button, and USB type c port.

Charging test with power bank to phone

Fully charged phone

Oppo f15 with 4025 mah battery phone which supports 20 watts is used for testing. With the help of the ampere application, the Mi power bank charges the phone at a speed of 1760 mA.

The ambrane power bank charges the phone at the speed of 1820 speed.

Mi power bank takes 30 minutes to charge oppo f 15 phone 27 percent and ambrane power bank charges 29 percent, which is little faster than Mi power bank.

Mi power bank takes 1 hour to charge oppo f 15 phone 54 percent and ambrane power bank charges 57 percent.

At last Mi power bank took 2. 15 hours to fully charge the oppo f 15 phone and ambrane took 2.8 hours. 50 percent battery is used to fully charge the phone with both power banks.

Charging test for power banks with outlet

Fully charged power banks

15-watt charger is used to charge both empty power banks. 25 percent is charged after 1 hour in both power banks.

Ambrane power bank is charged 50 percent in 2 hours and Mi power bank is charged 25 percent. After 3 hours ambrane power bank is charged 75 percent and the Mi power bank is charged 50 percent.

At last ambrane power bank got fully charged in 4.22 hours and the Mi power bank got charged in 4.43 hours.

Actual power bank capacity

You get 7200 mah Actual power bank capacity in both power banks. you can charge 1.8 times your 4000 mah battery smartphone with these both power banks.

Mi power bank pros and cons


  • Low current mode option.
  • Multiple ports.


  • Little heavy and big.

Ambrane power bank pros and cons


  • Fast charging.
  • slim


  • No charging mode is available.


Which is best Ambrane or MI power bank?

I am using both power banks for 2 years. According to me the Mi power bank has multiple ports and is the best in the market.

Is Ambrane a good brand for a power bank?

Ambrane is a popular brand for power banks. Many people are likely familiar with Ambrane because it is the official battery partner of many major smartphone brands. Ambrane offers a wide range of different power banks, all of which have been certified by the USB-IF standards. This means that they are reliable and can handle a lot of charging cycles.